Pool Maintenance

Pool Maintenance

Our range of Swimming Pool Maintenance and Swimming Pool Care products have all been carefully selected, you’ll find Pool Repair Kits, Pool & Spa Frog Test Strips, Floating Thermometers, Replacement Underwater LED Pool Lights, Vacuum Heads, Floating Rope and Replacement Air Filters.

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Various Brushes for Pool Care and Maintenance
Flat Leaf Net
Leak Tester Syringe for Pools and Spas
Heat Bonded Patch Self Adhesive Patch
Deep Leaf Net
Photometer Reagent from Palintest

Photometer Reagent from Palintest

Lovibond Swimming Pool Testing Kit
Pool and Spa Test Strips
Frog Thermometer
Photometer Starter

Photometer Starter

Leak Sealer for Pools and Spas