Cantabria 8 seater hot tub from Caldera Spas UTOPIA Series – call 0800 977 4966

Cantabria 8 seater hot tub from Caldera Spas UTOPIA Series – call 0800 977 4966


  • Model/Series: Cantabria/UTOPIA Series
  • Seating: 8 Adults
  • Dimensions: 274cm X 231cm X 97cm
  • Capacity: 2,325 Litres
  • Spa Covers: ProLift III / ProLift IV
  • Hydromassage Jets: 74 total
  • Dry Weight: 595Kg
  • Filled Weight: 3,560Kg
With MusicWith MusicMusic and entertainment systems included.Without MusicWithout MusicWithout music and entertainment systems.

The spacious Cantabria™ is the signature 8 seater hot tub from Caldera Spas. Not only does it redefine hydrotherapy and comfortably fit eight adults inside. But it additionally features the UltraMassage™ lounge with the customisable UltraMasseuse™ System. The jetting system makes you feel like royalty. Enabling a personal spa experience, with six variant jet sequences and three different speeds.

The Luxury 8 Seater Hot Tub by Caldera Spas

A Cantabria 8 seater hot tub is an investment in your wellness. In essence, it is a personal retreat to rejuvenate and revitalise the body and mind. Along with comfort enhancements, a strong focus is on creating beautiful spas to complement outdoor living space. With a range of cabinet choices, lighting features and entertainment options, it’s easy to find the right hot tub. Ultimately one that transforms the environment as it transforms your life.

The Ultimate Hot Tub by Caldera Spas

A truly remarkable piece of equipment. The jets are strategically placed for all parts of your body. The massage lounge is heaven.

— Cantabria Owner

The Cantabria 8 seater spa is the ultimate hot tub, inside and out. Indeed, thoughtful design details go beyond the sweeping contours of the acrylic spa shell and ample interior. Caldera’s special attention to every component detail is impressively observed. Caldera’s are special, from the design on the jets and pillows, right down to the pattern in the footwell. The audio placement and visual effects further add to the beauty and immersive effects.


Performance-based design involves the materials used for construction and the quality of the components that run them. Materials are chosen when designing the spas based on their durability and ability to stand up to daily use. Whether it is the reinforced acrylic interior surface, the cabinet options or insulation, starting with the best base materials ensures peak performance throughout the life of your spa.

Select a Spa Shell Colour

The luxury Cantabria 8 seater hot tub will be custom built to whatever combination selected. Every Utopia Series spa is hand-crafted with a three layered DuraBond™ shell, an Avante™ cabinet, and a cover. Furthermore, all are customisable. Making it easy to coordinate the new spa with the house, patio, or any other area of the home.

The Cantabria™ has four contemporary shell colours, featuring either a smooth or textured finish. Selection varies by model. Each Caldera hot tub is crafted with detail to awaken the senses.


Platinum Spa Shell

Comfort is in the Design

Comfort is the essential element in Caldera hot tubs. Deep, cradling seats and a textured Foot Ridge™ help you stay relaxed and seated even when enjoying powerful jets. Perfectly positioned hydrotherapy massage on the Cantabria 8 seater hot tub melts your tension away. And a whisper‑quiet sound dampening design enhances the comfort experience.


As part of the Utopia™ Series design transformation, Calder Spas have introduced a revolutionary new Avante™ Cabinet which is available for the Cantabria hot tub spa in three colours, inspired by earth mineral hues. From rich colours and contemporary cabinet styles to the organic contoured sculpted seats, every element is intended to soothe and delight. Shell colours vary by model.

The Caldera® difference is in the details. Once you’ve experienced the Pure Comfort™, design, and performance of your Caldera spa, you will want to make it part of your everyday well‑being routine.

A spa to match any home

To get the most wellness benefits from the Cantabria 8 seater hot tub, you’ll want to use it often. It’s also important to choose a hot tub that fits your space and is built to endure the elements. From the contemporary sculpted design of the Utopia Series’ Avante™ all-climate cabinetry, to the simulated wood EcoTech™ siding on Paradise and Vacanza Series spas, Caldera has a hot tub that is perfect for any home style.


Slate Spa Avante™ Cabinet

High Performance Hot Tubs from Caldera Spas

To get the most out of your spa, it needs to operate at a consistently high level. Each Caldera hot tub is engineered and built with the strictest attention to quality and efficiency. Furthermore, Caldera Spas are committed to creating reliable, energy‑efficient high performance hot tubs. The years of quality hand-crafted products produced thus far, is a testament to that pledge.


Enhance your sense of calm and well-being with just the right light. Part of the wellness equation involves creating the right frame of mind, whether you are trying to achieve a state of deep relaxation or a lively setting. Colour and lighting are great for creating the ideal environment, especially at night. Adjust the intensity and colour rotation to create the ideal evening mood.

The SpaGlo™ system in Caldera’s Utopia Series models include six colours that accent individual zones throughout the spa, such as the bar top, footwell, waterfall, points of light and exterior corners.

Zone lighting on the 8 seater hot tubs are all easily adjustable. Each system is enhanced with pinpoint lighting highlighting selected areas, including the Euphoria™ jets in the footwell.

In addition to the interior lighting, the Utopia Series also features corner and perimeter lighting. Significantly intensifying the beauty of the area surrounding the spa.

One-touch controls

The Advent™ panel provides intuitive control of spa functions right at your fingertips. An auxiliary control on all Utopia Series spas also allows users to operate the spa from within. Sometimes, a gentle flow of water is all that’s required. But when a deep massage and the wellness benefits it offers is needed, a Caldera Spas pump can provide it. The touchscreen control panel makes it is easy to customise the massage, so that it works specifically for you. Innovative, high-quality heaters, pumps and other components are designed so they are more efficient, robust and longer-lasting.


A cover lifter is an essential spa accessory that protects your spa, the cover, and your investment. Designed to allow one person to effortlessly fold the cover back and out of the way, a lifter makes it easy to be in the spa in seconds, enjoying all the benefits of a daily 20‑minute soak. Without a lifter, wear and tear will eventually damage the cover as it’s taken on and off. That damage can affect the cover’s energy efficiency and wind up costing money in energy bills. Anecdotal evidence suggests hot tubs are used less when getting the cover off and on is a difficult task. ProLift™ covers are designed to integrate seamlessly with Caldera® spas, provide protection and be easy to use. Products 4 Pools offer two cover lifter options for the Cantabria hot tub spa, the ProLift™ III and the ProLift™ IV.

ProLift™ III

The ProLift™ III is the best lifter, it has two pneumatic gas shocks to provide smooth, quiet operation. The cover requires very little effort to remove or replace, even on larger spa models. The shocks are designed to do all the heavy lifting. The ProLift™ III requires 61 cm minimum clearance.

ProLift™ IV

The ProLift™ IV is specifically designed for decks, gazebos, or other areas where clearance is limited. These covers are designed to enable you to position the cover vertically, just behind the spa. ProLift™ IV cover require only 18 cm minimum clearance.



Caldera Spas - Luxury Hot Tubs

The Best Hot Tubs Combine Comfort, Design and Performance. There are many hot tubs and spas in the market today. However, the closer you look, the easier it is to narrow your choice. If you want to transform tension into rejuvenation every time you step into your hot tub, look no further than Caldera Spas. Their goal has always been to create the best hot tubs. The most comfortable, energy-efficient and high-performance spas on the market. So you can enjoy the full range of wellness benefits that a spa made by Caldera can offer.

Caldera Spas believe that performance-based design involves both the materials used to construct their spas and the efficiency, power and durability of the components that run them. They choose and design materials for their spas based on an ability to stand up to daily use. Whether it is the reinforced acrylic interior surface on Caldera spas, the cabinet options or insulation. Starting with the best base materials ensures peak performance throughout the life of the spa.

The Caldera® Difference

Caldera create spas with a focus on Comfort, Design and Performance. Products 4 Pools Ltd highly recommend Caldera Spas. They have proven to produce nothing but reliable, high‑performance spas. All designed for comfort, efficient energy use, and simple maintenance. So you can focus on enjoying your hot tub often. Features are crafted with that in mind, from the efficiency of a heater to the glow of a light.

There is nothing quite like the Pure Comfort™, design, and performance of a Caldera spa. Once you've experienced it, you will want to make it part of your everyday well‑being routine. The Caldera® difference is in the details.


Additional Information

Weight 595 kg
Dimensions 274 × 231 × 97 cm
Select Entertainment Options:

With Music, Without Music


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