Montecito Fibreglass Swimming Pool (7.6m x 3m x 1.5m) (Price On Application)

Montecito Fibreglass Swimming Pool (7.6m x 3m x 1.5m) (Price On Application)


  • Model: Norsup Montecito Swimming Pool
  • Capacity: 34m²
  • Material: Fibreglass Laminate
  • Dimensions: 7.6m x 3m x 1.5m
  • Weight: 580Kg
  • Warranty: 15 Years on Construction
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Norsup Montecito Fibreglass Swimming Pool 34m²


The Montecito Fibreglass Swimming Pool has a 34 square metre water capacity. More and more people experience the luxury of a pool at home. Indeed, what can beat a fresh dive in your own pool on a hot summer’s day? There are various ways to realise a swimming pool, starting with a set-up pool. When you want more, you can hire a pool builder to install a fixed pool. Nowadays this does not have to cost a fortune anymore. All things considered, the latest pools are really a beautiful asset to any house or garden!

In the first place, you want to establish whether it’s going to be an inside or outside pool? This mainly depends on your preference, space and budget. But also the season in which you want to enjoy your pool is of influence too. Although the outside swimming season can also be lengthened with heat pumps, covers, etc.

Other variables, like building method, depend on your preferences. When you want to start swimming fast with minimum discomfort in a pool with a luxurious look, a polyester pool can be the perfect choice!


The Norsup Warranty

Pools made by Norsup are built using fibreglass laminate which is an extremely durable material, with a long lifetime.


  • Colour – 2 years
  • Osmosis – 5 years
  • Construction – 15 years

High level of finish & luxurious look

In addition, Polyester pools have a smooth top layer which contributes to a luxurious look. Norsup pools are delivered in different shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you prefer traditional a smooth blue color or with glitter, there are various finishes to choose from.

Your pool can be ready in 5 days

As soon as your order is processed, the extremely durable fibreglass laminate produces the pool of your wishes. Delivered to you as a whole for the installation team to fit on the spot. Moreover, this can all be realized within 5 working days, so minimal discomfort and fast swimming pleasure for you!

Advantages of having a Montecito Fibreglass Swimming Pool

  • Smooth surface
  • 100% tightness
  • Exceptional durability and strong construction
  • High level of comfort and finish
  • Easy installation
  • Good resistance to freezing weather

Layered construction of extremely durable material


  • BLUE – Gel coat resistant to UV radiation and chemicals
  • GREEN – Barrier coat (With the purple layer acts as a double anti-osmosis layer)
  • PURPLE – Skin coat (With the green layer acts as a double anti-osmosis layer)
  • ORANGE – Vinylester resin + glass fibre mat 300 gr/m²
  • BROWN – Vinylester resin + double layer of glass fibre mat 450 gr/m²
  • BLACK – Woven roving
  • PINK – Vinylester resin + triple layer of glass fibre mat 600 gr/m²
  • GREY – Metal reinforcement with double layer of polyester resin and glass fibre
  • BLUE – Top coat
  • YELLOW – Polyurethane foam

Additional benefits

  • Special TÜV approved gel-coat creates a glossy surface layer and is particularly resistant to long term influence of chloride, UV radiation and also temperature.
  • The construction of each pool is additionally strengthened with metal, which gives the pool a stiff shall.
  • The pool is produced with an extra polyurethane foam on the outside of the pool, which isolates and prevents large heat loss.
  • All pools are equipped with an extra layer of bottom insulation.
  • All pools are produced in Europe.




Norsup Fibre-glass Swimming Pools

Additional Information

Weight 580 kg
Dimensions 760 × 300 × 150 cm
Select Finish:

Blue, White, Cream, Metallic Sand, Metallic Blue


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