Spectravision Adagio Plus Pool Lights

Spectravision Adagio Plus Pool Lights



Spectravision Adagio Plus Pool Lights    

The Adagio Plus lights have a very low profile and can be fitted into a standard 1.5″ inlet fitting or the wall conduit. Therefore a large niche is no longer required.

The colour lights use RGB LED technology and provide 12 colour modes, with two options for white light. Using a simple two wire connection the lights are compatible with a standard 12V AC transformer. Each light requires face ring – stainless steel options available.
Adagio Plus Colour lights require a remote control.

  • Adagio Plus 1500 White = 35W,
  • 1766Lm Adagio Plus 3000 White = 65W,
  • 2921Lm Adagio Plus 1500 Colour = 55W,
  • 627Lm Adagio Plus 3000 Colour = 80W,
  • 1028Lm. 

The Spectravision Adagio Plus Pool Lights from Products for Pools are among some of the best pool lighting you’ll find. We provide Swimming Pool Lights from major brands like LT LED, Pahlens, Certikin and Spectravision. If you’re looking for cheap pool lights from the best manufacturers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Installing lights to your indoor or outdoor swimming pool adds a special touch to the finished product. The Spectravision pool lighting range from Products for Pools provide top quality lighting for pools.




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