Fi-Clor Pool Sanitiser Premium 5 Tablets 5kg x 4

Fi-Clor Pool Sanitiser Premium 5 Tablets 5kg x 4


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Fi-Clor Pool Sanitiser Premium 5 Tablets 5kg x 4

Fi-Clor Pool Sanitiser Premium 5 Chlorine Tablets are specially formulated to slowly release a long lasting disinfectant to kill potentially harmful bacteria and other organisms.

  • Each tablet is 200 grams
  • Ideal for Above Ground Pools
  • Kills waterborne bacteria
  • Contains water clarifier
  • Helps prevent algae
  • Minimises loss of chlorine to sunlight
  • Built-in stabiliser

They also contain an algicide to tackle the algae problems and a clarifier to keep your pool water crystal clear. The pH properties of these tablets make it easier to balance water in hard water areas and the product is stabilised to combat wasteful loss of chlorine to sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor pools.

We have water balance chemicals, chemicals for above ground pools, water balance chemicals, prevention and cure chemicals, spa chemicals and pool sanitisers and Starter Kits, including Chlorine Granules, pH Reducers, pH Increasers, Superfast Granules and Algicides.

If you’re wondering how else to manage pool chemistry and keep a healthy swimming pool environment, you can also check out our range of Swimming Pool Chemical Kits for Water Testing and Dosing.

At Products for Pools we understand the importance of pool safety, pool care and maintenance. We provide everything you need, like the Fi-Clor Pool Sanitiser Premium 5 Tablets to keep your swimming pool or spa in top condition and safe for everyone to use.


Fi-Clor Pool Care Products

Fi-Clor offers a comprehensive range of trusted, high quality pool care products for swimming pools and spas. With over thirty years of pool industry experience, Fi-Clor have an excellent reputation for producing quality products.


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