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Indigo Electronic Auto Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Indigo Electronic Auto Pool Vacuum Cleaner
Product Code: Indigo Electronic Cleaner
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Indigo Electronic Auto Pool Cleaner

  • Very easy to use
  • Plug & Play operation
  • 2 x cleaning cycles
  • A high-performance filter bag
  • A trolley for easy transport and storage 
  • Extremely durable robust materials
  • Manufactured to the strictest electrical safety standards
Indigo Electronic Auto Pool Cleaner offers greater simplicity for efficient hassle free cleaning. Extremely easy to use, Indigo cleans thoroughly and is hassle free. Thanks to its two cleaning cycles, the rapid Turbo cleaning programme and the intensive Perfect cleaning programme, you can easily select the type of cleaning suited to your requirements. With Indigo, you have a robust, reliable piece of equipment, designed according to Zodiac technology, internationally renowned and made from extremely durable materials.   

Why choose the INDIGO Electronic Auto Pool Cleaner?

The pool cleaner is easy to use: There is no complicated programming. You simply select the required cleaning time and it cleans the bottom, the walls, the steps and the water line. It is a reliable and sturdy pool cleaer: Indigo is made in France in accordance with the most rigorous standards. Indigo has been designed using extremely robust materials (ABS). The robot is based on tried and tested technology: Zodiactechnology. Two cleaning cycles to meet your requirements: The PERFECT cleaning cycle (3 hours). Intensive and complete cleaning of your pool and its water line. The TURBO cleaning cycle (1 1/2 hour). For a quick clean, rapid movement for maximum coverage in minimal time. A high-performance filter bag: Its high filtration capacity (20 microns) enables it to suck up all types of debris, including the finest particles. All you need to do is rinse the filter bag with either clean water or in the washing machine, as directed on the label in the filter bag. A trolley to make transport and storage easier: The trolley enables you to move your robot effortlessly and store it when not in use. Safety comes first: Your Indigo conforms perfectly to the strictest electrical safety standards.    Buy the Indigo electronic automatic pool cleaner from Products4Pools at a fantastic price, this isn't a budget cleaning system, it's a top quality top performing cleaning system for your swimming pool. Products4Pools have everything you need for your swimming pool and spa needs, all at great prices.

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