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Anti Vibration Pad (Noise Reduction Pad)

Anti Vibration Pad (Noise Reduction Pad)
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Anti Vibration Pad (Noise Reduction Pad)

Products4 pools have been using these with there engineers for over 14 years

Eliminates vibration noise made by swimming pool pumps.

Stops vibration from your swimming pool area and pump house. When you are lounging by your pool , the last thing you want is the noise of a pump resonating or vibrating around your patio or your swimming pool area. Your swimming pool should be a place for fun and relaxation not listening to a constant drone from the pump resonating/vibrating on it's base, fit an anti vibration pad and improve your leisure time markedly. This product is specifically designed for pool and pool pump use, be sure to use products designed for swimming pool use as lesser products can break down meaning the re-installation of the correct product at a later date, as ever the extra cost and hassle impacts on your wallet and time.

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