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Pocket Kit for Water Testing by Palintest

Pocket Kit for Water Testing by Palintest
Pocket Kit for Water Testing by Palintest
Brand: Palintest
Product Code: Pocket Kit
Availability: In Stock
Price: £32.94
Ex VAT: £27.45

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Pocket Kits Price Select
Alkalinity (0 - 500mg/l) £32.94
Ammonia (0 - 2mg/l) £32.94
Calcium Hardness (0 - 500mg/l) £32.94
Chlorine (Chloricol) (0 - 50mg/l) £32.94
Copper (Coppercol) (0 - 5.0mg/l) £32.94
pH (Phenol Red) (6.8 - 8.4mg/l) £32.94
Sulphate (0 - 200mg/l) £32.94
Sulphate - 50 Tablets £32.94
Total Alkalinity - 250 Tablets* £32.94
Calcium Hardness - 250 Tablets* £32.94
Chloride - 250 Tablets* £32.94
Chlorine (DPD No 1) - 250 Tablets £32.94
Chlorine (Chloricol) - 50 Tablets £32.94
Copper (Coppercol) - 250 Tablets £110.38
Iron LR - 250 Tablets £89.93

Pocket Kit for Water Testing by Palintest

  • We have listed the original kits plus the replacement products
  • Easy to use
  • All reagents are foil wrapped except * which are bottled

The Pocket Kit for Water Testing by Palintest is available from Products for Pools. The swimming pool store for all Pool Care, Water Chemical Treatment, Swimming Pool Water Testing and Dosing Equipment for water quality.

We have all the necessary parts for a Healthy Swimming Pool, Spa or Hot Tub. Our Pool and Spa Water Chemical Testing Equipment is sourced from all over the world and are amongst the best on the market. We aim to bring you the safest chemical treatment supplies for how to maintain pool chemistry, how to clean a pool, how to test for chlorine and how to measure water hardness.

We ensure to bring you only the best swimming pool supplies for providing a safe swimming environment, we carefully select the right type of products for your home indoor or outdoor swimming pools and spas. Our Pocket Kit for Water Testing by Palintest is of the best quality available. Chemical testing is essential for running a healthy pool. Products for Pools aim to cater for all your necessary requirements with regards to water chemistry for pool care and safety, please feel free to check out our extensive range of Water Treatment Chemicals, Parts, Testing and Dosing Equipment to aid you in providing a healthy pool all year round.

About Palintest

Palintest are an ISO 9002 company that have go to great lengths to check each batch of liquid or tablet reagents that they manufacture, to close tolerances that accurately match the calibrations inside the instruments, which are themselves traceable back to NPL standards.

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